About Us

The Rural Development Society (RDS) is an organization formed in 1988 to provide social development and welfare through social work. This nonprofit organization has been developed to create a robust platform to reach out the various people irrespective of their caste, creed, race, gender & religion. Our organization focuses on various platforms

  1. Create a better education system for youngsters, whose family can’t afford to send their children to school
  2. Develop a better health check up system for youngsters and old age people
  3. Provide basic infrastructure for motor able roads.
  4. Share basic necessities cloths and foods for the needy
  5. Help them to preserve their culture and heritage of their societies
  6. Enhance economical situation by providing a platform to become an SME

Within a year’s time our society has been registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 as a nonprofit, nonpolitical and non communal organization. RDS family believes in sharing and contributing for the betterment in the society, through our passion and hard work. Our family comprises by a group of dedicated social development workers, committed missionaries’ workers, educationists consultants, media professionals and medical professionals who all bring their experiences to unite our common goal and vision for betterment in the society.

The Rural Development Society was created with an aim for better society and welfare of the people. Where, we can unleash the various opportunities and potential of the rural tribal people through sustainable model.

Our family objective is to bring better society and sustain the welfare development through various economic, education and cultural platform. Later, this will play a pivotal role in the making of better society. In order to meet and overcome the challenged pose by different forms of social problems.

Our family focus in the understanding of it causes of the problem from the grass root level and seek better ways to solve it. Since this will help our people in the progress of development and growth.

The RDS has started working its development activities in the spheres of community welfare, since its inception we have focused and followed a sustainable and comprehensive development model with our limited resources.

The RDS has been organizing a series of participatory rural appraisal, meeting and workshop with the villages’ chairmen, church leaders, youth leaders & women groups. To motivated the people and organize them to undertake the development works on self help basis .So that they are able to persuade the government and other agencies to join their hands for bringing up sustainable and better society.

The RDS presently emphasizes its activities mainly at Tamenglong District, Manipur, at the selected villages where no other NGO/VOs are working with. In the year 1991, RDS got registered under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) act and Income Tax Act 1961 as charitable organization. The RDS operates its task under “United NGOs Forum-Tamenglong (UNFT) an umbrella organization, which is the only joint consultative body of working NGO in the district, level. The RDS seek for help and partnership with any interested bodies for cooperation/joint venture in the formulation of policies and planning of programs for the development strategies.

Vision & Mission

Our vision:

RDS visualize a society for just and value based society imbued with peace and prosperity.

Our Mission:

Empowering the people for attaining quality of life and exercise the economic, political & legal rights of citizen through efficient and dedicate service.

What We Do

Create Sustainable Business Model for the Deprive Section

  1. Special Education for Women and Child Development Program
  2. Agriculture and Horticulture Development Program
  3. Village Industries Development Program
  4. Light Engineering Development Program
  5. Animal Husbandry Development Program
  6. Fishery Development Program
  7. Focus on Health care

    Run Health Care Program to help provide free medical exemptions for old age and young children

    Holistic Activities to Educate People

    1. To organize workshop/seminar on role of tribal women in the village decision making body.
    2. To run and implement action program including socio economic program on adhoc, short term or permanent basis for the benefit of the needy
    3. To foster the development of social welfare.
    4. To organize/promote and assists short and long term training courses for the furtherance of the objectives
    5. To work village uplift in all direction in rural and hilly areas and for development of people living in remote areas and living below the poverty line and other areas also for environmental improvements
    6. To affiliate with other National Organization, International Organization having with similar objectives
    7. To promote traditional cultural program
    8. To set up information recreation centre and libraries where necessary

    To render financial assistance including loans, grants and subsidy to weaker section of people including artisans and craftsmen for the furtherance of objects of RDS and recover such loan on such terms and conditions, prescribed by RDS from time to time.