The Rural Development Society (RDS) is an organization formed in 1988 to provide social development and welfare through social work. This nonprofit organization has been developed to create a robust platform to reach out the various people irrespective of their caste, creed, race, gender & religion. Our organization focuses on various platforms

  1. Create a better education system for youngsters, whose family can’t afford to send their children to school
  2. Develop a better health check up system for youngsters and old age people
  3. Provide basic infrastructure for motor able roads.
  4. Share basic necessities cloths and foods for the needy
  5. Help them to preserve their culture and heritage of their societies
  6. Enhance economical situation by providing a platform to become an SME

Within a year’s time our society has been registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 as a nonprofit, nonpolitical and non communal organization. RDS family believes in sharing and contributing for the betterment in the society, through our passion and hard work. Our family comprises by a group of dedicated social development workers, committed missionaries’ workers, educationists consultants, media professionals and medical professionals who all bring their experiences to unite our common goal and vision for betterment in the society. Read More